Hi! I’m Micaela, a traveling baseball mommy with my 1-year-old daughter Monroe. I started flying with Monroe when she was 2 weeks old! I’ve racked up a lot of frequent flier miles but most importantly some tips and tricks I’ve learned along my journey.

My Travel Story:
My love for travel started when I was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and began traveling the world at 18-years-old. Performing in USO tours across Iceland, Germany, England, Belgium, The Netherlands & South Korea. I then went on to compete at the biggest pageantry competition, Miss USA, as Miss Nebraska USA 2008. My platform led me to the Bahamas and  other speaking engagements all over the country. After I crowned my successor I packed up my bags and drove to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. I landed roles in Magic Mike, Modern Family & The Young and the Restless. I traveled as a Product Specialist all over the country with BMW. Today, I’m currently married to a professional baseball player and have the greatest job as a mommy to my 1-year-old daughter, Monroe. She is 17 months and has been on over 70 flights and countless road trips. As a mom, I’m constantly learning. I hope this blog is a place for inspiration to other Mommies who want simple tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. 
Thanks for stopping by and feel free to reach out to me. I love hearing Mommy advice!