Airplane Travel while Pregnant with KIDS

How I flew 11 different places in 7 weeks during my first trimester WITH a toddler BY MYSELF! 🤪 

Nope, no super powers or accolades needed. Just want to share how I managed to get through that yucky first trimester while still traveling!

11 places in 7 weeks all during my first trimester!! 

Looking back, I never want to do that again! It was tough. I was constantly feeling beyond exhausted. Starving every single minute of the day and felt drained from chasing Monroe around. Not to mention living out of suitcases for that long was challenging. But we survived and I have some tips to share! 

Airplane necessities: 

Hydration: Get the expensive large water at the airport! Hydration was key for me during travel days. The more water I consumed, the less swelling I encountered and it helped me with nausea. Also, I ordered Ginger Ale the minute I boarded the plane. Sipping a little carbonation before take-off helped soothe my tummy. 

Preggie Pops: these yummy candies helped subside any nausea and were great for helping ears pop during take off and landing. 

Snacks: anyone else starving non-stop during pregnancy?! I pack just as many snacks for myself as I do my daughter. Pro Tip- pack high protein/ high fat foods to keep you full longer. Nuts, avocados (little messy), PB & J sandwiches, string cheese, peanut butter crackers helped a ton. 

Wardrobe: traveling in tighter stretch pants acted similar to a compression stocking to help with swelling, but also allowed me comfort. The last thing you want is to feel restricted in what you wear! 

Pack light: I finally gave up on having something different for each trip to wear. I went with essentials and did wash along the way. Lightening my load helped with the exhaustion of lugging too many bags around an airport. My favorite Weekender or carry on is available by clicking on this here! Holds so much and so chic!!

Stroller: I’ve given so many secrets to making travel days easier with kids, but one thing you must have with a toddler at an airport is a stroller! Whenever nausea or exhaustion kicked in, I could strap her in and know she was safe until I got to feeling better. 

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