Favorite Children Books

“If I could keep you little,

I’d keep you close to me.

But then I’d miss you growing

into who you’re meant to be!”


Bedtime stories are part of our “routine”.

I used to joke that every time Monroe woke up, she’d be in a different timezone. So to make bedtime the same (no matter what the hour of the day) we’ve always done story time. The time we spend reading is my favorite because I get to see her learn and imagine new things. 

What’s your child’s favorite book? 📚 Here’s ours!

Personalized IDEAS first:

  1. Record family voices reading the story as a keepsake to have forever. Click here for voice recordable books
  2. Create your own story using pictures and your own creative wording! Pint Size Productions turns it into a thick, hard copy board book. The quality and durability is top notch! Click here to use code for 20% off: PSLOVEMOM19
  3. Personalize a classic story by adding your child’s name! Click here to use 20% off code: STORYTIME

Other ideas for monthly book subscriptions that come with stickers and toys to keep kids interested in reading:

  1. Prime Book Box
  2. Create Joy
  3. Literati books


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