First Fiesta Birthday

Taco ’bout a party! 🌮 Easton’s UNO fiesta was such a fun birthday theme. And since it’s #cincodemayo I’m sharing all the details that went into planning this birthday theme up on the Well Traveled Mom.  Learn how to make this cute sign and all the other finishing touches, my friend Sarah, did for this fiesta! 

Cake and Smash cake from PJ’s CAKES HERE
DIY project UNO letters

Buy individual wooden block letters either at Michaels or here on amazon. Spray paint the colors you want and then glue on small thumbtacks upside down for the “U”. The “N” is simply spray painted and I used cars stick to cut out the banner and then stickers for the letters in his name. For the “O” just glue different colored paper garland and cut the edges to make it fringe.

Taco Bar Sign HERE | Welcome to the First Fiesta Sign all ordered from HERE

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