Gifts for the hostess

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All items start around $15! Bundle up and tie with a sparkly bow!

  1. True Roots cookbook: healthy, gluten free, dairy free, special dietary recipes. Soooo many yummy healthy alternatives to start the new year right!

2. Cookbook Cravings:  Great for finger food alternatives and recipes that use ingredients that are already in your kitchen!

3. Cooking utensils: holiday themed spatulas to add to a gift only $10.

4.Candle: give the prettiest candle that’s smells just like a fresh Christmas tree!

5. Monogrammed crystal agate coaster

6. Rosé wine: Cote de Roses the prettiest drink you’ll ever bring the hostess! Only $9.99 can find it at Costco, too!

7. Cookie cutters festive and fun for the holidays. Add a bow with a cookie cutter and it’s the perfect gift for your baking friends!

8. Holiday Kitchen towels 

9. Christmas Sugarfina candy: simple but so cute and thoughtful! Do a box of three or wrap up a holiday themed treat individually boxed! Individual candy click here:

10. Cider: Most are 100 calories and seasonal flavors! Listing of availability on their website: HERE


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