Hello Bello Review

She just makes life better, ya know? And I want to do just that for her. So when the brand Hello Bello reached out to me to try their products I jumped on it!

I’ve been testing out their new line of baby products for the past 3+ months. I am excited to finally share my review on what I liked and didn’t!

Okay to start off, this company was founded by two of the funniest parents around, @KristenAnnBell and @DaxShepard. Finally a line that’s premium plant-based products at a reasonable price found at Walmart. Hello Bello is a line with transparency- listing all the harsh chemicals they left out! Pretty cool!

Bug Spray

I’m in love! Living in the humid south were mosquitos are all over, we needed a good bug spray. Hello Bello’s organic plant-based bug spray has been a life saver. It’s a hypoallergenic, non-irritating and Deet-Free repellent. Helping to keep those pesky bugs away and doesn’t have that citronella scent like so many of the other “organic” or all natural sprays. I’ve compared it to Babyganics and hands down HelloBello bug spray wins!

Bath Soap

I tried two different scents of their Extra Gentle Shampoo and Body Wash- Lavender and Vanilla Apricot. These soaps are made with organic jojoba seed oil blend and botanical extracts. The formula itself was super gentle on helping to cleanse my daughter. I found when she was extra dirty (from playing outside) I had to go over her body two times. It worked good on cleansing her, but I didn’t love the scents. I’m a smell girl and found these to be a bit overpowering. Also, the soap didn’t get a good lather despite how well it cleaned.


Hello Bello’s premium natural baby lotion worked great to soothe, nourish and most of all moisturize my daughter. I liked that it actually made her skin feel hydrated, unlike some other baby lotions that absorb quickly and don’t make the skin feel soft. However, the smell got me again! We tested the Vanilla Apricot scent and it was super fragrant. I love the price point of this lotion and the fact that its made with organic avocado and cucumber extracts and will probably purchase the unscented version for future use!


Now we have always been huge Pampers Swaddlers fans in my house, but when we were given the new Hello Bello diapers to test out we were open to change. Here’s the thing…they have the cutest little prints and if you get the size that really fits your childs weight they are GREAT! I tested them against Pampers, Huggies, Target Brand, and Kirkland and they stood out, along with Pampers. I like the fact that they don’t give “drop butt” when the child has a minimally wet diaper. The fit is good and leak protection is above all others.

Hand Sanitizer

This Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer spray is small enough to fit in any diaper bag or purse and packed with natural ingredients that kill 99% of germs & bacteria! Traveling must have!! I found this product to be so handy for our on-the-go lifestyle and would totally give to new mommies as a welcome home gift! Also, it’s a fraction of the cost of most hand sanitizers!

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