Potty Training

We decided to tackle potty training when Monroe was exactly 2.5 years old. I wasn’t sure if she was ready but I knew I needed it done before the new baby arrived. Here are my tips:

  • Potty: we bought this cute white potty that looked similar to our toilet so it immediately made her feel like a “big girl”. Anytime I used the restroom I’d put her on her potty in hopes she’d mimic my actions.
  • BOOKS: I started by reading her a book about potty training. P is for Potty Elmo relates going potty on the toilet in a colorful book with flip and pop-ups pages. Very interactive and got my daughter thinking about the toilet.
  • Treats: Having a bowl of jellybeans or mini marshmallows by the toilet allowed her to get a prize each time she used the potty. It got to the point that she’d run to the restroom just to do the smallest tinkle so that she could have candy. My child loves sweets (wonder who she takes after 😉) So eventually treats were just given for #2s!
  • Underwear: I got her hyped up on big girl panties by wrapping them up and giving them to her like a present the morning we started!
  • Persistence: It was so much work. I took her to the bathroom almost every 10 minutes at first. Sometimes we’d sit and nothing other times I’d be able to read her face and know something was coming 💩.

All in all it took about 8 days before we were accident free. I kid you not I thought it was hopeless on day 3. I was so sick of running to the potty with her. I was tired of cleaning up accidents. By day 5, she started to get it. Day 7 I saw a glimmer of hope that it was working. And finally day 8 she didn’t have a single accident. It took time and believe me doing it 7 months pregnant was not ideal but she hasn’t regressed since. Good luck! Would love to hear any suggestions or tips you have!


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