Summertime Outdoor Toy Guide

1. Sprinkler: This is my daughters favorite thing right now! Helps us stay cool in the Summer heat and provides easy outdoor entertainment.

2. Spider Swing: A swing that can hold the whole family practically! Large enough to hold 660lbs! Hang from a tree and enjoy!

3. Bug Catcher: Remember catching lightning bugs as a kid? Similar idea. Encourages outdoor interest and exploration of nature. Remember let all bugs go at the end of the night!

4. Water Table: Let your little one explore with sand and water at the Step2 Water Table. Fun cups and pails allow your child to learning different rain shower effects.

5. LED Pogo Stick: Jumparoo Deluxe Bungee Bouncer is a new age pogo stick and lights up every time you hit the surface. For older kids!

6. Twister: Little Tikes Fun Zone Dual Twister toy is great spinner toy for two! It has a water activate button that allows you to spray and squirt water from the center of the wheel!

7. Sidewalk Chalk: 120 colors allows your little one all the tools for creativity outdoor this Summer. Bonus: glitter and tie-dye chalk!

8. Shark Pool Game: A fun game for two people to play in the pool. Use the shark nets to catch the fishes. Whoever gets all the fish first WINS!

9. Splash Pad: No need to run out to the splash pad park when you can create your own with this $10 find on amazon!

10. Sand Toys Cupcake Maker: I’m a huge fan of Melissa and Doug toys and this is no exception. I love the idea of still crafting in the sand with this unique play cupcake sand toy set.

11. Giant Bubble Maker: Giant Bubbles with this special wand and solution. Colorful if used in the sunlight!

12. Magic Water Balloons: If you don’t know about these magical self closure water balloons, do yourself a favor and GO GET SOME! This is the easiest outdoor entertainment for all ages (with practically no work!!) 600 water balloons for pure pleasure!

13. Splash Ball: Like the game Hot Potato with a water balloon inside and a ticking time bomb! Who’s going to get soaked this Summer?

14. Inflatable Easel: Finger paint outside with this easel and tray to hold all your paint.

15. Canopy Play Station: Step2 brings you a covered area for your child to use their imagination to pay outside this Summer. Includes a kitchen, grill, faucet/sink and serving area with water and sand play station.

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