Tie-dye Themed Birthday

If you throw a themed party, we will show up dressed the part. Every. Single. Time.

This is my baby’s best friend, Leighton Jaymes. They have been friends since birth (literally). So naturally, we had our hand in helping my best friend throw her baby girls first birthday. And what a party it was!! Check out all the details below from the tie-dyed t-shirts, specials dessert foods and all the party decor!

Taylor ordered the cutest smash cake from PJ’s Cakes and hung a variation of pastel balloon sizes to create a balloon wall. The letters O-N-E can be found off Amazon HERE

Tie-dyed donuts, cotton candy and rainbow colored suckers were just part of the yummy dessert themed table.

So in honor of the big event, we bought plain white t-shirts and leggings from Target and Old Navy to tie-dye. Find the shirts HERE.

We got a kit from Amazon HERE and made it a “wine girls night” with Emily Greinke. Each of us had a “special” way of rubber banding the shirts to create cute themed gift bag goodies for each kid to take home.

This party was perfectly “TIE”d together and no detail was overlooked. It was the best way to celebrate our favorite little besties 1st birthday! All photos taken by Aunt Kelsey Pasma who just happens to be an amazing photographer! Check her out HERE

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